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Book Introductions (1A.6)

Many translation projects add introductions to each book of the Bible. In this video, I will show you how to make a basic book introduction that will be adequate for most projects.

The book introduction is considered everything between the book title and the chapter one marker.

All of the markers used in book introductions begin with a lowercase letter i. You can read about the markers in the USFM User Reference that is available on the Paratext website.

Paragraph markers

  • Headings: \imt or \is
  • Paragraphs: \ip

See the Paratext manual for more markers

Introduction Outline

  • title: \iot or Introduction Outline Title marker.
  • Level 1: \io1 or Introduction Outline level 1 marker.
  • Other levels: : \io2 or \io3 and so forth

Introduction Outline Reference

  • \ior (Introduction Outline Reference marker).
  • \xt (Cross Reference - Target Reference marker) in the body of the text

    Adding the \xt … \xt* around references allows Paratext to check such references for errors.

Word level markers

  • \bk Book Name marker
  • \qt Quoted text marker