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More about Illustrations (1A.5b)

There are some other fields that can be filled in for illustrations. In this video we will look at what these fields are for.

To access the Figure/Image Properties dialog box

for a figure any time after the picture was inserted,

  • simply click on the figure markers,
  • or on the picture itself in Formatted view.
    • The Figure Properties dialog box opens.

You can change any of the fields, including which picture file is selected. In this video we will only edit the fields which were not covered in the video “How to insert an illustration”.

Description field

This will not be published in the Bible. It is used to help those preparing the text for publication who are unlikely to speak the language. So enter it in another language.

Location field

  1. The Location field can be used to specify a range of verses where the illustration could acceptably be placed.
  2. Location field can be used to specify whether an illustration is only for use in a printed publication (B/W) and not in digital publication (color), or vice versa.

    If you use the Location field this way, a technical support worker needs to add a line of code to the top of the front matter book. They can find instructions online.

It is important for images to have their copyright properly acknowledged in the front matter. The Copyright field can be left blank if you are using a picture from a collection, but if you are using a more unique picture, put the artist’s name here.

  • Click OK to save your changes.