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Adding Glossary Entries (1A.4a)

Some Bibles include a glossary at the back. A glossary is a special kind of dictionary that helps readers understand the Bible text by explaining special Biblical terms and providing information about people, places, events, or customs that many readers will not already know.

Open the Biblical terms tool

  1. Open the project menu.
  2. Expand the menu.
  3. Under Tools, click Biblical Terms.
    • The Biblical Terms Tool opens.

Search for a Biblical term

  1. Select the language
  2. Type in the search box.
    • Wait after typing, and Paratext will display the results.

Add glossary entry

  1. Double-click the rendering.
    • The Edit Renderings dialog box opens
  2. Click the Glossary tab.
  3. In the Citation form box, start typing the headword of the glossary entry.
    • As you type, Paratext displays existing glossary entries which match what you have typed.

Use an existing entry

  • If one of these was the right one, we could click it to link this rendering to the existing glossary entry.

Add a new entry

  1. To add a new entry, keep typing the citation
  2. Click the definition field and type a definition
    • The definition can contain standard format markers if needed to format the text.
  3. Click OK.
    • The new glossary entry has been saved in the glossary.

Edit a glossary entry

  1. Double-click a rendering
    • The Edit Renderings dialog box opens.
  2. Click on the Glossary tab
  3. Edit the glossary entry as needed.