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Finding/Linking Entries (1A.4c)

There are three ways to find out if a term already has an entry in the glossary or not.

Filter for “Glossary Entries”

  • Change the filter from “All terms” to “Glossary Entries”.
    • Paratext will now only list the Biblical terms that do have a glossary entry.

An asterisk = it has glossary entry for the current term

  • No asterisk = no glossary entry linked
  1. Click on the Glossary tab.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow at the end of the citation form box.
    • A list of all the citation forms in the Glossary appears.
  3. Type the citation form to filter the list.
  4. If on the list, select the entry.
    • Paratext fills in the citation form and definition fields automatically using the information from the entry in the glossary.

Glossary (GLO) book

  1. Click the book dropdown arrow and select Glossary (GLO).
    • All of the project’s glossary entries are listed alphabetically.
  2. Scroll down to where the entry should be, and verify if it is there or not.