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Illustrations (or figures) (1A.5a)

In our sample project we see some illustrations like this one have been inserted. Paratext refers to these as figures and all of the commands related to them use the term figures


It is important to know that figures must be used carefully, respecting the usage permissions of the artist.

How to insert a figure

  1. Click to place the cursor at the end of the paragraph.
  2. Click the ≡ project menu
  3. Under Insert choose Figure.
    • The Figure Properties window will open.

Add the file

  1. Click on the Browse button
  2. Navigate to the folder and select the file
  3. Click on Open.
    • A small version of the figure will now appear in the Figure properties window.

Add more details

  1. Type the caption in the caption box.
  2. Enter a description of the image in the LWC for the area.
  3. In the Width box choose Single column or Entire Page.
    • Choosing the "Single column" option does produce a slightly smaller figure than the "Entire Page" option.
  4. The location box is optional.
  5. In the copyright information, type what you know.
  6. The reference box is filled in automatically.
  7. Click OK.

To see the picture switch to either formatted or preview view.