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Editing Entries (1A.4d)

If you initially typed a very simple definition and need to improve it later, you can do this either in the Edit Renderings dialog box, or in the Glossary book itself. If you need to edit the citation form for some reason, things are a bit more complicated.

Paratext experts recommend you only edit the citation form in the Glossary book, as this guarantees keeping the glossary tidy, but the link from the rendering to the entry is broken and will need to be relinked.

Find the renderings

  1. Change the Verses filter to “All books”.
  2. Click the Current Biblical Terms filter and select New Filter.
  3. In the Text Filter, select the language you wish to search in.
  4. Type part of the term, in order to search for it.
  5. Click OK.
    • You should now see the renderings you need to relink listed.

Open the renderings dialog box

  1. Double-click the rendering
  2. Click Yes if prompted to save changes.
  3. Click the Glossary tab.
  4. Start to type the citation form.
  5. Select the entry.
  6. Click OK.
    • Use the Bible Terms Tool if you have several as it provides direct access to the search feature.

When you edit citation forms in the Glossary, if the edit causes the entries to need to be in a different order, make sure that you reorder them if needed (using copy/paste), according to the alphabetic sort.