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Footnote and Cross References - Intro (1A.3)

In this video we will learn how to insert a footnote, and how to open and close the Footnotes pane. As with many features, there is more than one way to insert a footnote.

Using the menu

  1. Place the cursor where you wish to see the footnote caller.
  2. Open the ≡ menu for the project.
  3. Under Insert, click Footnote.

    Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+T.

Using the right-click menu

  1. right-click in the text where you wish to see the footnote caller.
  2. On the menu, select Insert Footnote.
    - *A pane is displayed at the bottom of the window*.   

    The markers for the new footnote have been added. The cursor has been placed ready for me to type the footnote.

Resize the pane

  • Click on the divider and dragging it upwards or downwards while holding down the left mouse button.

Close the pane

  • Click the X in the top right corner.

View a footnote

  • Hover the mouse pointer over the caller
    • The footnote is displayed in a pop-up.

Edit the footnote

  • Click on the caller
    • The footnote pane is opened again, to the size you set it to, and you can edit the footnotes if needed.

Open the footnote pane using the menu

  1. Click on the ≡ menu for the project
  2. Under View, click Show Footnotes.
    • The Footnotes pane will reopen to the size you set it to last time.