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Reattach (2.5g)

If a note does not refer to the right scripture text, you can use the “Reattach Note” button move the note to a new text selection.

To reattach within the same verse

  1. Open the Note dialog box for the note.
  2. Click Reattach Note.
    • The Reattach Note dialog box opens.
  3. Select words by clicking and dragging.

To attach note outside of the current verse

  1. After clicking the Reattach Note button
  2. Click Show Whole Chapter.
    • Now the whole chapter is shown.
  3. Select the text
  4. Click OK
    • The dialog box closes and the Note window is updated to show the new text selection in bold for the current note.
    • The flag is also moved to the new location.

Notice that this dialog box does not allow you to make a selection which includes a marker, such as a verse number or footnote text.


Your selection must be within a verse.

Reattach Note when the attached scripture text has changed

When the scripture text to which the note is attached has been changed, Paratext places the note reference at the beginning of the verse.

  1. Click the note icon.
  2. Follow the instructions above to reattach the note.