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Search and use Hashtags (2.5f)

In this video, we are going to see how to search in the Notes List to find notes.

  1. Click in the search box
  2. Start typing
    • As you type, matching notes will be shown in the list.

A note matches if the search text is found in

  • the original note,
  • any of its comments,
  • the names of team members
  • the Scripture text which this note is attached to.

Add hashtags to your notes

A hashtag is a typed tag which begins with the hash symbol (or pound sign). Notes can have multiple hashtags.

Add hashtag

  • Type a # and a tag anywhere in a note

Search for hashtag

  • In the filter, type the hash symbol in the search box and then continue to type the rest of the tag.
    • The search implements a filter straightaway and as you continue to type it gets narrowed down further.