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Show Changes, Resolve (2.5c)

In this video, we will learn how to view what has changed in the verse since the note was created, and how to resolve a note when the to-do item has been taken care of.

See what has changed since the note was originally inserted.

  • Click the multi-coloured button which includes the strikethrough and underline.
    • This button turns a special comparison pane on and off.

Change display style

  • Click the button next to the Show Changes button, to change the view

There are three possible views,

  1. The first view (the default)
    • added text is shown with a green background and
    • deleted text is shown with a red background.
  2. The second view
    • added text with underlines and
    • deleted text with strikethrough,
  3. The third view
    • added text with underlines and
    • deleted text superscripted.

Resolve notes (mark as complete)

When a note is completed, you resolve the note.

  • Click the Resolve button.
    • The note icon is removed from the scripture view, although the note is still stored in the project and can be viewed again if needed.

You can find all Notes in a special Notes window.