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Comment, Assign, Tag, Edit, Delete (2.5b)

The Notes feature is largely unchanged in Paratext version 9.

In this video, we will see how to reply to a note, and how to edit a previously added note.

Note colours

  • A note icon in colour, it is one that you might need to act on.
  • A note with the yellow background is new since the last send/receive.
  • A grey note is assigned to someone else.

Add a comment to a note

  1. Click on the note icon.
    • The Note window opens.
  2. Type the comment in the empty box.
  3. Click OK
    • The comment is saved within the same note,
  4. Send/receive.

Assign a note

  1. Click Assign to
  2. Choose a team member
  3. Click OK

Change tag

If other tags have been set up, you can change a tag.

  1. Insert or open a note
  2. Click on Tag
  3. Choose a suitable tag
  4. Click OK
    • The flag is now changed to the icon associated with that tag.

Edit a note

Edit your last comment

  1. Click on the note icon
    • The Note window opens.
  2. Click on the icon with the pencil.
    • Paratext puts the note in an edit box.
  3. Make the change.
  4. Click [OK] to save your changes.
    • The Note window closes.

Delete a note

Only delete notes which were made by mistake.

  1. Open the note
  2. Click the trash can icon
  3. Click Yes to confirm the deletion