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Notes List, How to Filter and Sort (2.5e)

In this video we will learn how to filter and sort notes in the Notes List. Filter, search and sort options are available at the top of the Notes List window.

Open Notes List

  • Click the project menu, under Tools.

Notes Filter

Allows us to filter by the status of the notes, who they are assigned to, or by their tag.

  1. Click the Notes filter to see the other filter options.
  2. To select a different filter, click the option.
    • Unresolved = only unresolved notes.
    • All Notes = Resolved Notes + Unresolved notes.
    • Green checkmark or tick = resolved.
    • “Unresolved Notes Assigned to Me”
    • Unread notes = yellow background
    • Specific tags

Reopen a resolved note

  • Click the Edit button and then click Unresolve.
    • This note is now unresolved and has the red flag icon again.

Verses Filter

This controls the scripture range.

  • Click the Verses Filter to view the filter options for scripture range.
    • Current Book.
    • Current chapter
    • Chapters assigned to me …

Sort order (third) option

  • Click to see the options.
    • Sort by Verse = order of occurrence in the scripture text.
    • Sort by Date = date and time of the most recent action for the notes.
    • Sort by Assignee = a person or the team

Access notes from Assignments and Progress

  • Click Assignments and progress button
    • In My Tasks, unresolved Project Notes are listed.

To view the notes

  • Click the issue count.
    • The Notes List is automatically filtered for the selected set of Notes.

Display combination of active filters

  • Hover over the Notes filter.

Back and Forward buttons

  • Allows you to go back and forth between previous filter combinations.