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Reference check (3.4a)

The reference in a parallel passage heading or a cross-reference has an icon beside it. When you click on the icon, Paratext opens a Quick Reference window to that passage.

Problem with reference

  1. If there is a problem with the reference, the icon has a red X on it.
  2. Hover over the red X,
    • a description of the problem is shown.

Scripture reference settings


Only project administrators can change these settings.

  • Open the menu for the project.
  • Expand the menu.
  • Hover over Project Settings and click Scripture Reference settings.
    • Three tabs are displayed: Reference Format shows the punctuation and Book names.

To view a list of the errors

From the Assignment and progress

  • Click the number of issues beside the check.
    • Paratext opens a panel showing the reference errors.

Using the menu

  • Open the menu for the project.
  • Under Tools, click Run Basic Checks.
  • Select the check and the Books to check.
  • Click OK.

View an error

  • Double-click the item in the list.
    • The project window scrolls to show the error and selects the part Paratext finds problematic.

Common errors

You might need to refer to the project’s Scripture Reference Settings to see what is valid for your project so that you can correct the errors.

  • Invalid chapter/verse separator

    • The separator is often either a period (full stop) or a colon between the chapter number and the verse number.
    • Correct the character.
      • When Paratext recognizes that the error is fixed, the red x on the icon goes away.
  • Invalid verse separator

    • The separator is usually either comma (with or without a space).
    • For a range of verses, use the range of verses separator, which, is usually a hyphen.
  • Invalid book

    • In the book names tab, you set three names for each book: the long name, the short name, and an abbreviation.
    • Set the names to be used for \xt field and parallel references.
    • Edit the book name.
      • The error goes away.
  • Invalid verse separator

    • Errors for this problem can be harder to see.
    • Check the separator character and any spaces.

Other Possible Errors

  • Paratext only checks for references in \r, \ior, \x, \xo, \xt, \fr.
  • Other markers are not checked. A way to spot that a marker isn’t being checked is to notice when the reference icon is missing.