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Numbers (3.4e)

The Numbers check verifies the consistent formatting of numbers. It does not check that the correct number occurs in a verse.

Number settings

  1. Click on the menu for the project.
  2. Expand the menu.
  3. Hover over Project Settings.
  4. Click Number Settings.
    • The number Settings dialog box opens.

These settings govern the formatting, mainly punctuation, that is used in and around numbers. The Numbers check verifies these settings are being followed in scripture, glossary entries and footnotes.

Run Check from Assignments and Progress

Depending on your project plan and assignments, the tally of Number formatting issues will be shown in the Assignments and Progress dialog.

  1. Click the issue count to view the issues.
    • Paratext opens a panel to show the issues or updates a previously opened panel.
  2. Double-click an issue to see the problem in context.
  3. Correct the text.

Checking scripture references

Paratext will only check references when they have been correctly identified with an appropriate format marker!

  1. Select the text
  2. Type backslash (\) and select (\xt).
  3. Click Rerun to verify the problems have been fixed.

Run Numbers Check - range of books

  1. Open the menu for the project
  2. Under Tools, click Run Basic Checks.
  3. Select the Numbers check and the book range.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Rerun to verify the problems have been fixed.

Common errors are using the wrong thousands separator (often a space).