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Repeated Words (3.4g)

The Repeated words check finds words which have been repeated in succession in the text. These are not necessarily all typing mistakes.

Repeated Words inventory

  1. Open the menu for the project.
  2. Expand the menu.
  3. Hover over Checking Inventories.
  4. Click Repeated Words.
    • All the words which are found repeated in succession are listed here.
  5. To record words as correct, click Valid.
  6. To record words as incorrect, click Invalid.

If a repeated word is correct in some contexts but not necessarily always correct, leave the status as unknown.

Run Check from Assignments and Progress dialog

  1. Click the issue count to view the issues.
    Paratext opens a panel or updates a panel to show the issues.
  2. To view an issue in the Scripture text, double-click the issue.
    • Paratext scrolls the project window to show the repeated word and selects it.

If the repetition is a mistake, we can delete it.

Run Repeated Words Check across a range of books

  1. Open the menu for the project
  2. Under Tools, click Run Basic Checks.
  3. Select the Repeated Words check and the book range you wish to check.
  4. Click OK.