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How the Status Boxes Help (3.2d)

When a back translation has been marked as complete, and someone subsequently edits and saves the vernacular, the status of the affected verse is changed to outdated. It needs checking.

If no change is needed

  • Mark the verse as finished.

To move between verses which need checking

  • Use the up and down arrow buttons at the top of the window.

To see exactly what has changed in the translation

  • Click the ‘view differences’ button
    • The Compare Versions window opens.

On the left is the current version, and on the right is how it was when the back translation was marked as finished. The differences between the versions are highlighted.

Other icons

X and ! indicate a problem with the verse numbering.

  1. Hover the mouse over the status box to find out what the symbol means.
    • If the problem is due to an error in the vernacular translation, edit the vernacular to correct the problem.
  2. Save it
    • the checkmark reappears in the back translation.