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How to Draft and Mark as Finished (3.2c)

Go to Basic view

It is best to draft the back translation in Basic view.

  1. Press Ctrl+E.
  2. With Ctrl held, press E repeatedly until Basic is selected.

Type the text

  1. Place the cursor in the white box after the verse number.
    • The corresponding verse text is highlighted in the vernacular project.
  2. Type the verse,
  3. Press Tab to move to the next white space.
    • You do not need to use the mouse.

Mark the back translation as finished

  1. Use the Mark Status button on the toolbar to mark one verse at a time,
  2. or periodically, click the arrow next to the check mark and select Mark All Verses in Chapter as Finished.
    • This will only mark the verses in the chapter that have text.