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Approve Spelling Common Words (2.1a)

In this video we have learnt that the wordlist tool is the key tool for dealing with spellings.

To open the Wordlist tool

  1. Open the menu for the project.
  2. Under Tools, click Wordlist.
    • The Wordlist window opens for this project. lists all the words found in your project and each one’s spelling status.

Approving commonly occurring words

  1. Open the Wordlist menu.
  2. Under Tools, select Approve Spelling of Common Words.
  3. Enter the lowest number of occurrences you are confident are spelled correctly.
  4. Click OK.
    • Paratext informs us how many words it will set to Approved.
  5. Click Yes to carry out the bulk approve.

Sort wordlist

  • Click on the column heading (e.g. Count.
    • The words are now sorted in order of occurrence with the most frequent ones shown at the top of the list.