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Help in Paratext (0.3)

Search menus/help

  1. Click in the search menus/help box on the titlebar.
  2. Type, and then simply wait while Paratext searches.
    • The top items in the list are actual commands within Paratext.
    • Paratext uses the project short name to show us which window the action will apply to.
  3. If we click any of these commands, Paratext will do the action.


In the second part of the search results Paratext lists all the help topics which match your search.

  • Click on the description to open it.
    • The help topic opens in the help window.

      Any text marked in blue is a link to a different topic. There are also some topics listed under See Also. Each title is a link you can click.

  1. You can go back by clicking the green back button.
  2. By scrolling down you can browse other potentially relevant help topics.
  3. Close by clicking the X in the top right corner.


  • Open a dialog box (e.g. Main Paratext menu > Download/install resources)
    • A guide appears to the right of the dialog box.

Close guide/show guide

  1. Click the red X to close the guide.
  2. Click the Show guide link to open the guide.

Closing a guide only affects the current dialog box.

Help menu

  1. Click on the Main Paratext menu
  2. Click on Help,
    • The help menu opens.

      You can open the Help file, and other useful functions which are only available here.

Online help

  • Paratext website.
  • A user forum is also available at