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What is Paratext? (0.1)

Paratext is the premier Bible translation platform used by over 10,000 people worldwide for planning, managing, drafting, reviewing and checking Bible translations in more than 2,300 languages. Here are some of the tools Paratext has to offer.

  • A Project Plan, which lays out all the stages needed to be completed in order for a high quality translation to be achieved, with the order in which books should be translated.
  • Team members can communicate through a system of notes.
  • Paratext supports translation itself in numerous ways, with hundreds of resources and several Enhanced Resources with enable translators less confident in Greek and Hebrew.
  • Team collaboration is facilitated by either working off-line or online with Paratext Live.
  • Paratext has specialized for translation of the Bible, such as the Parallel Passages tool, and the Biblical Terms tool.
  • Paratext provides spellchecking features by looking for abnormal patterns to detect potential spelling errors.
  • When the text is ready for a translation consultant to check, users can prepare a written back translation for the consultant, and/or prepare a more literal back translation using the interlinearisation tool
  • There is a rich provision of training materials available including online videos in multiple languages.
  • To download Paratext and apply for a free licence, go to