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Arrange windows (0.2.1d)

A window within Paratext can be configured to be shown as a panel, a tab, an autohide window or a floating window.

Open a window as a specific type: In the Open Project/resource dialog box, use the Open as dropdown.

Re-arrange: Click on titlebar and drag panels to re-arrange them, release mouse when blue box in the desired position. The blue box shows the space a panel being dragged will move to.

Resize: Windows can be resized by dragging the borders.

Convert: To convert a window into an autohide or floating window, right-click on the title bar and select the appropriate option.

Autohide: Click the button (in autohide column) to see it, click outside window to hide it. Right-click a titlebar to send to autohide.

Floating window: Good to maximize a window or send it to a second screen
Right-click on titlebar > Open as floating window.
[To return: Right-click > Dock window]

Save current layout

  1. Click the Paratext menu and select Save Current Layout….
  2. Give the layout a name that will help you remember what it includes.
  3. Click OK.
    • The layout name is now shown on the main Paratext menu.

Display different layout

  • Click the Paratext menu and click the layout name.
    • Paratext opens the windows.