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Further tips on Arranging Windows (0.2.3d)

Tip1: How to swap windows

Swapping two windows may involve two or more steps. [For example, drag one to the left edge and end up with an extra column, then drag the other to the lower right corner (back to original number of columns).]

An alternative way to swap these two texts is by using the project list.

Tip 2: How to undo moving a window

If you make a mistake with a drag,

  1. Click on the main Paratext menu.
  2. Click Undo Tab move.

Tip 3: How to unpin floating windows

  • When the thumbtack is slanted, this window no longer stays on top all the time.
  • If you want it to always stay on top again, click the thumbtack icon to pin it.

Tip 4: How to widen the autohide column

The autohide column can be made a little wider if desired.

  • Click the arrow at the top of the column.

Tip 5: How to undo closing a window

  1. Click the main Paratext menu
  2. Choose Undo Tab Close