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Find and Replace (5.2)

To search for a particular word in a project or resource,

  1. Open the menu for the window.
  2. Under Edit, click Find.
    • The Find/Replace dialog box opens.
  3. Type the word you want to look for, and click Find.
    • Paratext displays the matches in a list window.
  4. Double-click a reference in the list window
    • The matched text is shown in context.

Other ways of opening the find dialog

Find icon in the toolbar, or
Ctrl-F the keyboard shortcut.
Menu > Edit > Find.


It’s helpful if the window you want to search in is active first.

The Find dialog box

  • Find text box shows your previous search
  • Match in
    • All text - everywhere
    • or Verse text
  • Limit search to current book current chapter or choose a range of books using Choose button
  • More button gives additional options.
  • Restrictions
    • No restriction means matches can be any part of a word or a whole word.
    • Whole word only,
    • at the Beginning of the word or
    • at the End of the word
  • Match Case–match whether the characters are uppercase or lowercase.
  • Show Verse Context means the list shows the matching word or string, with some adjacent words in the verse as well.
  • To hide the additional options, click Less.
  • To carry out the search click Find.
    • The list is updated to show the results.


There are three ways of opening the Replace tab

  1. From the Find/Replace dialog – click the Replace tab
  2. Ctrl-H the keyboard shortcut.
  3. Menu > Edit > Replace.
  4. Open the Find and Replace dialog.
  5. Change the text in the Find box if needed.
  6. Type the text you want to replace it with in the Replace with box.
  7. Click Replace button.
    • Instead of showing you a list of matches, Paratext opens the Replace dialog and shows you one match at a time.

Replacing matches

  • Yes or No approve each change individually.
  • Yes to all will approve all the remaining proposed changes, so this needs to be used with care.
    • Make absolutely sure it is a change you want to make everywhere (e.g. review with Find first).
  • If you want to stop the process completely, click Cancel.
    • Please note, any changes you have already clicked Yes for will not be cancelled.
    • Paratext will inform you how many matches were not changed because you did not have the permission to edit them.

      Find and Replace Yes to all only makes changes in places you have permission to edit.