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Introduction (2.2a)

Examining how a team has rendered Biblical terms helps ensure consistency in the way those key terms are being translated.

There are two tools to help with this. The Biblical Terms Tool and its mini version the Biblical Terms Renderings window.

The Biblical Terms Renderings window

  • is a simplified version.
  • opens as a panel
  • shows the biblical terms for the current verse.
  • is designed to be used alongside a translation as it is drafted and edited.
  • is available directly on the project menu, under Tools.

The Biblical Terms tool

  • has the same core functionality but with some additional features
    • an expanded toolbar and a find filter.
    • more menu options,
    • a count column,
    • a second display of the renderings of the selected biblical term and any description that has been added.
    • a concordance of the relevant verses
    • an option to display comparative texts.
  • The Biblical Terms window is designed to be used in a larger window.
  • Expand the menu to access it.

Core functionality shared by both tools

  • The table lists the biblical terms that occur in the selected range of verses.
  • In both tools, you can change the verses filter to see more terms listed.
  • The full Biblical Terms Tool is used with a larger verse range for checking consistency across many chapters or books.

Transliterate terms

If you can’t easily read the Greek and Hebrew alphabet, you can choose to view the terms in Latin script.

  1. In either tool, click the menu for the window.
  2. Under View click Transliterate terms.
    • The Terms are now shown in Latin script.

Renderings column

  • contains the actual renderings, or translations, of the biblical terms.
  • shows all the renderings identified or guessed.
  • shows how the term has been rendered elsewhere in this project.
  • If the panel is open as you type the initial draft of the verse, it acts as a prompt, which prompts consistency.
  • The orange background
    • A rendering has not been identified for that Biblical term.
    • Or if a rendering is shown but with an orange background there is a computer guess that needs to be confirmed or rejected.

Found column

  • ✓ contains a checkmark or tick when a confirmed rendering is present in all the verses in the current verse range.
  • ? contains a question mark when a guessed rendering is found in all the verses.
  • is blank if any of the verses included in the verse range don’t contain an identified or guessed rendering.

How does Paratext know what the key Biblical terms are?

  • Each project is linked to a Biblical terms list.
  • It is best to use the Project Biblical Terms list, populated with terms from the other lists.
  • The project administrator needs to select the list.