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Edit/Delete Renderings (2.2c)

When several words have been identified as being renderings of a term all have the same central root, we can use a wildcard, the asterisk, to identify the root as the rendering. This will then match other inflected forms that are used in the future.

To edit or delete a rendering

  1. Double-click the rendering in the table.
    • The Edit Renderings dialog box opens.
  2. Edit the top rendering and change the prefix and suffix to an asterisk.
  3. Unwanted or superfluous renderings can simply be deleted.

Add a gloss to a rendering
You can type a gloss in parentheses after then rendering to clarify the usage.

The Guide
The Guide contains useful information about using the asterisk, adding a gloss and expressing a phrase.

When you make a change to the renderings, there is a warning indicator next to the [History] button.

  1. Click the [History] button.
    • The Renderings History dialog box opens.
  2. You can explain the changes you just made in the “Why Changed?” column.
  3. Click [OK].

Questions or descriptive notes

You can also optionally add questions or descriptive notes about the renderings in the Description field. These will be shown in the central panel of the Biblical Terms Window, under the renderings

  1. Close the Edit Renderings dialog box.
  2. Click [OK] to save our changes.
    • The words in the Renderings column have now been updated according to the changes made in the dialog.