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Enhanced resources (0.5)

0.5 Enhanced resources – Introduction

Enhanced Resources are now available in addition to ordinary resources. An enhanced resource is a translation in a major language which has been 'enhanced' by having keywords in the text linked to the Greek or Hebrew terms they translate.


Enhanced Resources can be downloaded in a similar way to resources. See the video “How to download Resources and Enhanced Resources”.

Open an Enhanced Resource

  1. Click the Open icon on toolbar.
  2. If necessary, click the Enhanced Resources button to include enhanced resources in the list. (Note the plus sign after the short name).
  3. Select an enhanced resource and click OK.
    • The Enhanced Resource opens, as well as a guide. This warning explains that the enhanced resource is a work in progress.
  4. Close the warning.

Viewing research terms

View all research terms

  • Click “All Research Terms” button.
    All research terms are highlighted.
  • Click the button again
    terms are only highlighted when you hover over a term.

View a research term

  1. Click a research term
    The research pane will filter for that term and display the dictionary entry.
  2. Click the number of occurrences to open a list of all the places this sense occurs.
  3. To turn off the Word filter, click the X.

    Without a filter on, the pane shows all the research terms in the current verse.

  • Alternatively, you can choose to view the research terms for a section or a chapter.


Make sure the enhanced resource is linked to the relevant project,

  1. Click Found to turn on and off highlighting of approved renderings of Biblical terms in both windows.
  2. Click Problem to turn on and off highlighting of missing or guessed renderings of Biblical terms.

    Problem only means that Paratext hasn't found a rendering. It may or may not be an actual problem in the text.

Expanding entries

When viewing multiple terms, the entries are not expanded by default. This number shows which sense is relevant in this verse.

  • Click the down arrow to expand the entry.
  • Alternatively, the double chevron expands all the entries.

Entry with multiple senses

The sense which is relevant for this verse is shown in black, and the others are in grey. At the end of each sense, the number of occurrences of that sense is shown.

  • Click the link with a number
    • A search result list shows all the verses which contain this sense.

The research pane has four tabs

When a tab is gray it indicates that there is no information available about that selection of text. The tab icon is black if information is available in that tab for the current filter.

  • Dictionary tab is where you can see the definition and other information about the terms.
  • Encyclopedia tab (in English)
  • Media tab. Pictures and other media related to the verse or section. (In English only)
  • Maps tab. Maps are very helpful to understand the context of some passages.
  • The Biblical terms tool icon opens the Biblical terms tool for the linked project.