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Download resources (0.3a)

Paratext allows you to view numerous Bible resources to help you in your translation work, including enhanced resources.
Both types can be downloaded within Paratext from the Digital Bible Library, or DBL.

To download any resource

  1. Go to the main ≡ Paratext menu.
  2. Select "Download/Install Resources".
  3. If necessary, click Show Resources only in languages that match… to shorten the list.

Filter for resources

  1. Filter the list by typing in the Filter box for ones you want.
  2. Click the checkbox to select a resource.
  3. Click the Download/Install button to start the installation.
    • When finished downloading Paratext opens one of the resources automatically.

The resources are now available in the Open dialog.

Download Enhanced resources

  1. Open the main ≡ Paratext menu.
  2. Select Download/Install Resources.
  3. In the filter box, start to type enhanced.
    • Enhanced Resources always have a plus sign after the short name as well as showing Enhanced Resource in the full name.

Install the images (once only)

If you want to see maps and other information, you need to download the largest of these three image files that your internet connection will allow.

  • Click the Download/Install button to start the installation process.
    • This can take a long time if you are downloading the image files.

Open the resources

  1. Click the Open button on the toolbar.
  2. To see the Enhanced Resources, I need to click Enhanced Resources.
  3. Select one or more resources
  4. Select from Open As dropdown
  5. Click OK.

It is possible to share the downloaded resources. So if you are in an area with slow Internet, check with your IT or LangTech department to see if they have already downloaded the files.