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Preview (1.2.2e)

In this video we learn about the view called Preview.

To switch to Preview

  1. Open the ≡ menu for the project.
  2. Expand the menu if needed.
  3. Under View, click Preview.
    • This view looks very like Formatted view, with USFM tags hidden, and only their effect on the style of the text shown.

Preview goes even further to make the text look like it will be seen by eventual readers of the translation.

  • There is no grey highlighting of the verse numbers.
  • A figure is sized more appropriately.
  • In Preview, you cannot edit at all.
  • Clicking the figure does not bring up the Figure Properties dialog box.
  • You can still click a footnote or cross reference caller to open and view the footnote pane.

Preview view looks similar to Formatted view but does not allow any editing of the text or styles at all. It is useful for viewing the text without any risk of editing.

Summary - Adding markers in different views

There are five views in Paratext:

Standard viewhas visible but distinguished markers, formatted text, and is fully editable.
Formatted viewis the same, except the markers are hidden.
Unformatted viewhas visible markers, no formatting of text or markers, and is fully editable.
Basic viewis the same as 'Standard view', except that only the text is editable, not the markers.
Previewis the same as 'Formatted view', except that it is not editable at all.