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Zooming In and Out (1.3b)

In this video we will learn how to change the size of text in a Paratext window panel.

Using the menu

  1. Click the ≡ menu button on the title bar.
    • Under View, there is a command Zoom with the current zoom level displayed and - and + either side.
  2. To make the text look bigger, click +.
  3. To make the text look smaller click -.
  4. Click in the window to close the menu.

Return to original text size

  1. Open the menu for the project.
  2. In the zoom control, select the zoom level number
  3. Type 100.
  4. Press ENTER.
  5. Click on the window to close the menu.

Keyboard shortcut

  • Ctrl+ increase Ctrl- decreases it.

Zoom factor is remembered when you reopen that project.


Only affects your computer not other members.