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My Tasks - Project Plan (1.1)

The administrator of your project (or a person with progress permission) can assign tasks to you in Paratext. The task assignments control what you can edit.

upgrade 9.3

In version 9.3 a new "progress" permission allows a member to assign tasks.

View tasks assigned to you

  • Click on the blue button to open Assignments and progress.

    • The Assignments and Progress window opens, showing My Tasks in the Current Priority or the last view.

  • Prev priority – previous book with tasks
  • Next priority- next book with tasks
  • Change to All Tasks – to see tasks waiting

View tasks by book

  1. Where it says Current Priority, click to view the menu.
  2. Click Current Book.
    • This is the default filter if your administrator has not set up Priorities.
  3. View tasks in another book by clicking Next book or Previous book.

State of tasks

  • Green: Tasks that can be started right away are marked with green.
  • Striped green: Waiting on you to finish another task.
  • Red: Tasks are dependent on earlier tasks being finished by others.
  • Grey: Task is complete

See more information

  • Hover the mouse over the information icon to find out what is blocking it.
  • Click Show more tasks to see hidden tasks.