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Paratext Conflict Notes (1.6b)

What they look like and how to deal with them

In this video we will see what conflict notes look like and how to deal with them. This is the same in Paratext 8 and 9.

  1. Do a Send/Receive
  2. Click link Open unresolved conflict notes list window.

Open note and resolve conflict

  1. Open note
    • If the note is assigned to you, or you are an administrator, there will be a dropdown list
  2. Click the Dropdown the list at the top
  3. Choose an option as appropriate
    • Accept the changes Paratext accepted (leave it as is)
    • Accept the changes Paratext rejected (and reject the other change)
    • Merge all changes (accept both changes)
  4. Click OK
  5. Resolve the note to make the flag go away.
  6. Do a Send/Receive

Special warning flag for conflict notes are either at the very beginning of the book or at the verse number.

Complex conflicts

If there are many conflicts, your administrator may need to revert the book(s).