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How to use the checking tools (1.4)

Paratext has several tools for checking the consistency and accuracy of a translation. These Checks are listed in My Tasks view in the Assignments and progress window. Some checks require some set-up.


It is important to correct any problems with chapter and verse markers, so Paratext can show exactly where problems are found.


You do not need to have finished drafting a book before you start looking at the issues.

To view Chapter/Verse Number issues

  1. Click the issue count.
    • Paratext lists the items in a window panel.
  2. Close the Assignments and progress window.

You may need to adjust your window layout to view the issues and the translation in a convenient way.

  • Double-click an issue
    • Paratext moves to that reference.

Typical issues

  • Duplicated verse: This can often be due to an error later in this chapter.
  • Verse Number in heading : When there is a section heading followed by a cross-reference heading, you need to add a paragraph before the verse number (e.g. \p).
  • Verse Missing :
    • Is there a space between the v and the verse number? If not add a space.
    • Is there is a space after the verse number?
    • Is there a space after the \? If so, delete it.
  • Click Rerun, click Yes to save the changes.

Next time you open the Assignments and Progress dialog it will display the up-to-date number of issues left to be dealt with for this check.

To run the checks without a project plan

  1. Open the menu for the project and under Tools, click Run Basic Checks.
  2. Click OK to run the selected checks.
    • Paratext lists the items in a window panel.

There will be a Verses Missing issue shown for a span of text that hasn’t been drafted yet.

Rerun the check whenever you want to remove resolved issues from the list.