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Parallel Passages Filters and changed text (6.1b)

In this video we will look at how the Parallel Passage tool alerts us if one of the passages has been edited. We’ll also look at some additional filters we can use to focus on Parallel Passages that need our attention.

Open the Parallel passages tool from Assignments & Progress

  • Click the blue Assignments and Progress button
    • In stage 6 it will show us if there are Parallel passages that need attention.
  • We can click the issue count
    • The Tool opens with the default filter applied.

Open the Parallel passages tool from the menus

  • To do this, open the menu for the project.
  • Expand the menu.
  • Under Tools, click Parallel Passages.
    • The Parallel Passages Tool opens in a floating window.

The three Filters menus

Below the toolbar, there are three filter menus.

Passage filter

  • Click the passage filter
    • *All references is the default*.
    • Unapproved References
      have not yet been approved; they have no tick or question mark.
    • Changed Text
      these have been edited since they were approved. They all have a red question mark and the edited passage has the Show Differences icon next to it.
    • Not yet drafted displays parallel passages where one or more of the verses has not been drafted.
      • The selected passage reference is shown in grey and the box is empty.

To see how the passage has been changed

  • Click the Show differences icon.
    • The Compare Versions window opens with the new and deleted text marked. This is not an editable window.

To update any of the passages

  • Click the appropriate Edit command,
  • OR the reference to view the text in the project window.
    • When we are satisfied with the set of parallel passages once more,
  • Click the ? question mark to approve it again.

Passage filter

To change the verses filter

  • Click current book.
    • A list of dropdown giving options
  • Choosing the current chapter, section, or verse restricts the parallel passages shown to ones from that verse range.
  • Chapters Assigned to Me will display parallel passages from any chapters which are assigned to the current user.
  • Clicking the Choose… option, allows you to select a specific book, set of books, priority or even chapter range.

The type of parallel passage filter

  • Click All Parallels to view the filter options.
  • NT/NT will reduce the displayed passages to parallel passages within the New Testament.
  • NT/OT shows the New Testament references that have Old Testament parallel passages,
  • and OT/OT shows only those only within the Old Testament.
  • The last selection is the Synoptic Gospels which will display parallel passages from Matthew, Mark, and Luke.